Overwhelming Issues

by | Jun 3, 2009 | Politics

My sister has been reminding me to write another blog post with all my “free time” before the kids get out of school for the Summer. I explained to her that my heart just hasn’t been in the mood to write and comment on politics lately. I’m still paying attention to issues. Trust me, my elected officials wish I would stop calling them! It is just overwhelming how many serious issues there are spinning around at the moment. So many that I can’t find the words or energy to blog about them all.

My sister, being the great person she is, suggested I make a list of all the issues I am following that make my head explode and post it. So here it is…

  • Pravda article on the demise of American Capitalism
  • The proposed addition of a Value Added Tax or National Sales Tax
  • California’s continued fighting over Prop 8, when the people have voted on it twice and the courts have upheld the ban on gay marriage
  • Republican infighting, rather than fighting back on all the spending by the Democrat controlled Congress and Administration
  • Cap & Trade, a HUGE energy tax
  • Voter ID bill failing to pass in TX
  • North Korea testing their missles unanswered
  • The fight over the alleged torture photos
  • The administration wanting to either release terrorists from Gitmo or bring them to the US for trial
  • Pelosi vs the CIA
  • GM now being owned and controlled by the federal government
  • Chrysler closing dealerships based on something other than profitability
  • Ultrasound notification bill failing in TX
  • Conceal Carry on College Campus bill failing in TX
  • Woman forced to take the American flag down at her office because it was deemed offensive
  • The media’s love of the new “Buy Black Only” movement
  • The Justice Dept’s dropping of charges of Voter Intimidation against the New Black Panther Movement
  • Swine Flu Panic
  • Unprecedented increase of the National Debt
  • The continued media worship of the President
  • Record number of foreclosures
  • Supreme Court nominee Sotomayer
  • The Federal Government controlling privately owned American Businesses (i.e. determining pay rates for bank executives)
  • Decrease of the Dollar
  • The push for Socialized medicine
  • Using the fallicy of Climate Change to push for redistribution of wealth
  • The myth that embryonic stem cells show greater promise than other types of stem cell therapy already in use
  • Govt officials in San Diego prohibiting a couple from holding bible study in their home without a major use permit
  • Backlash against “Men in Power”, a new male networking organization at U of Chicago
  • States hit hardest by recession receive few stimulus funds
  • Department of Justice halts verification of voter citizenship in GA
    • I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few things, but that’s all I could handle putting on “paper” at the moment.