Tax Day Tea Parties

Does preparing your taxes for the April 15th deadline have you fuming at the Administration and Congress? Have you heard of the impending tax increases? The cuts in your deductions and tax credits? What about the unfathomable increase in spending and debt! If you are fed up, it is time for a Tea Party!

Back in February, there was a smattering of protest parties planned around the country, but they were planned hastily and not always convenient to you. To read about the meaning behind the Tea Parties, see my previous blog post.
Well, you will be pleased to know that – They’re BACK! This time you are almost guaranteed to find one near you! Visit Tax Day Tea Party to find out where and at what time. There are reportedly over 2,000 Tea Parties planned all over the country for Tax Day – April 15th and more are constantly being added. Just here in the Houston area, we have 4 to choose from – Downtown, Sugar Land, Seabrook and the Woodlands. Texas alone has over 30 planned, including many in smaller cities, like Alpine or Luling TX.

Check the list often, as some municipalities are attempting to cancel the protests, citing crowd control, but is more likely due to political pressure.
Find one in your area, put the date on your calendar and plan to get your voice heard.