Notre Dame Scandal

I’ve debated whether or not to post about President Obama not only being invited to speak at Notre Dame’s May commencement, but also to receive an honorary doctoral degree in law. There are so many unbelievably great articles and blog posts on this subject, any of mine would pale in comparison, but it is difficult to let this issue pass without mention.

The simple fact is, President Obama is in blatant opposition to the basic values, beliefs and morals of the Catholic Church. As a state senator, Obama voted three times to allow Doctors to kill a baby that had been born alive after a botched abortion. As President, he has taken immediate steps to advance a culture of death by lessening the protections for innocent life. So why would a Catholic University invite the most pro-abortion President to not only speak but to confer upon him an honorary degree?
Some would argue that it is beneficial to have a “conversation” with the President through this commencement address. The problem would be that this is a one-sided conversation, a commencement speech does not lend itself to a give and take dialogue. Others say the greater concern is the granting of the honorary doctorate. By conferring this degree, the school projects the image of acceptance or endorsement of his anti-life views. Notre Dame gives tacit approval of President Obama’s culture of death when honoring him as a doctor or “teacher” of law.

Many speculate that Notre Dame has been on this path for several years, losing more of what makes it a great Catholic University to instead increase its prestige and recognition in the secular academic world.
The President of Notre Dame, Father Jenkins, admittedly expected controversy when he invited President Obama, but he remains steadfast in his decision. The pressure for Father Jenkins to rescind this offer and the level of outrage is growing every day. While Notre Dame expected some controversy, we are left wondering if they expected this level of outrage. Visit NotreDameScandal to view and sign a petition to Father Jenkins. To date, more than 230,000 have done so.
Many US Bishops and Galveston-Houston’s own Cardinal DiNardo have taken a public stance opposing this invitation. I’m proud to report that most of the rebukes are strongly worded critiques of Notre Dame’s decision. Many cite the 2004 US Conference of Catholic Bishops policy on Catholics in Political Life that included the following…
I am not under any illusion that Notre Dame will rescind their offer to President Obama, but firmly believe this discussion among Catholics is a good thing. After a majority of Catholics voted for a pro-abortion presidential candidate, the leaders of our faith in our country need to take a stand, remind the faithful of the tenets of the church. Those of us in the congregation need to decide if we stand with the Church or against her.

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Lisa Henley Jones