Integrity in California

by | Apr 22, 2009 | Christianity, Politics

It may seem trivial to some, but when Miss California answered Perez Hilton’s question on gay marriage, she revealed integrity and resolve. When asked the question about her stance on gay marriage by an openly gay judge in the Miss USA pageant, she knew what the “proper” and seemingly popular answer was, but chose to answer true to her beliefs, faith and convictions. Carrie Prejean recognized at that moment that her answer could keep her from winning the title Miss USA, which she was heavily favored to do, but prioritized her integrity over her desire to win. For that she should be congratulated. Instead, she is publically ridiculed. The press is reporting as if Miss Prejean injected politics and faith into the Miss USA pageant, rather than the other way around. And just so you don’t think Perez Hilton was a rebel and created this question off the cuff; gay marriage was a preapproved question by the Miss America organization. Mr. Trump’s organization chose to provide not so subtle support for the gay rights community by including that question, and in the off chance someone answered as Miss Prejean, a little controversy to gin up ratings.
It is fascinating to me how the “public”, as the media reports, is horrified that Miss California would go against “public opinion” on such a settled matter of “rights”. Everyone they interview can’t believe she would think that because no one is against gay rights, especially in California. Yet in California, when they put gay marriage on the ballot for the public to vote in November 2008, the BAN on gay marriage passed! Is their memory that short? Miss Prejean’s critics choose to ignore the seven million in California who voted to protect traditional marriage and lob vulgar, hateful attacks at a young woman who was there to win a beauty pageant.
We are led to believe that it is rare for this next generation to hold values and convictions and almost unheard of for them to stand behind them. Carrie Prejean should be recognized as a young person who stood behind her values, convictions and faith in the face of losing something she had worked towards for many years.