First Puppy

by | Apr 13, 2009 | Obama

This morning I received a question from a friend: “Didn’t the Obamas state they were going to find a shelter dog, a Mutt like me?”

Yes, he did.

“We have two criteria that have to be reconciled,” he said. “One is that Malia is allergic, so it has to be hypoallergenic. There are a number of breeds that are hypoallergenic. On the other hand, our preference would be to get a shelter dog, but, obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me. So whether we’re going to be able to balance those two things I think is a pressing issue on the Obama household,” he said.

The Chicago Tribune ran a story in November to help the Obamas select a First Pup considering Malia’s allergies:

Allergist offers advice on Obama dog debate

The Tribune reporter offered her own advice:

But it might not be as hard as he thinks. According to, an online database of shelter animals, there are more than 5,000 low-shedding dogs available for adoption in the United States.

While, the six month old purebred Portuguese Water Dog, unofficially a gift from Sen. Edward Kennedy, isn’t due to be introduced officially until tomorrow it’s hard to put a damper on the power of the internet. Who Let the Dog Out?

Let’s hope that President Obama’s choice to accept a breeder dog and not to adopt from a shelter doesn’t bring the same reaction that has been given to Vice-President Biden and the breeder who supplied his German Shepherd puppy last December.

Woman is vilified for selling a pedigreed pup to the Bidens.

Fifteen minutes of fame turned into four months of bitter remorse for the Chester County woman who sold the Bidens their adorable little German shepherd puppy. Linda Brown’s been investigated, scorned and had her life threatened.
When the story got out, Brown faced backlash from pet lovers who thought the Bidens should have opted for a shelter over a breeder to find their new puppy. PETA seized the moment as an opportunity to blame the killing of shelter animals on people who buy from breeders. The organization’s TV commercial, “Buy One, Get One Killed” ran in Delaware after the Biden puppy story made headlines.

Dog wardens from the state showed up at Brown’s Wolf Den kennel, repeatedly, for inspections.”I was cited for a piece of kibble on the floor and five strands of dog hair. They took a picture of that, they walked around, snapped pictures and don’t tell you why,” Brown told the newspaper. She was found “not guilty” for each citation, but hiring a lawyer for the court hearings has cost her $4,000 so far in legal fees.

Brown says she and Biden both received death threats from animal activists.