Call to Action

There is only one day left to comment on the President’s proposed repeal of the HHS regulation called the “Conscience Rule,” which protects health care workers who refuse to particpate in abortions or other objectionable procedures. See more details in my previous post.

Recent polls show that an overwhelming majority (87%) of Americans support general conscience protections for health care workers. Over 62% oppose Obama’s proposed recission of this Concience Rule enacted by President Bush.

By law, the Obama Administration had to leave the matter open for a 30-day public comment period. This window is over at the close of business tomorrow, April 9th. If you haven’t made your voice heard on this issue, take the 30 seconds and e-mail your comments directly to – tell them to ‘retain the conscience regulations!’

You can also go through the SBA-List, Freedom to Care or the USCCB to utilize their forms for submission.

It’s not too late.