Special Children

by | Mar 27, 2009 | Children, Obama, Politics

While we were on vacation, we heard reports of President Obama’s insensitive joke about his bowling game. First, can someone explain to me why the sitting President of the United States is on a late night talk show? Out of respect for the dignity and honor of the office, previous presidents, never subjected themselves to a comedian’s couch on late night. After hearing Obama apologize for his “joke” maybe he also should have found the dignity to refuse the invitation for Leno.

Soon after I got home, I saw a video that really highlighted what was wrong with the President’s off hand joke. A few weeks ago, Governor Sarah Palin taped a personal heartfelt message reflecting on her son, and what Special Olympics means for him and other special children like him.

Rather than focus on an off hand joke made on an inappropriate appearance on a late night talk show, let’s focus on the good and positive. Sarah Palin’s message is full of what is right in the world. Love for special children.