Life: Imagine the Potential

by | Feb 21, 2009 | Catholicism, Life, Obama

Such a powerful, yet simple message. While I don’t believe this is a controversial message, some believe it is. See the video at the center of this controversy and decide for yourself.

This is an inspirational message packaged in a beautiful way. It is a celebration of every life, every baby waiting to be born into this world. is the organization behind the video. Their first video was the most watched political commercial on the internet with almost 4 million views during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. You can see it here. It is equally as moving and eloquent in its presentation.

This current ad ran during the Inauguration on BET and was to air again during the Super Bowl last month on NBC. Even being a new organization, they managed to raise the enormous sum required to purchase a coveted ad spot during the big game only to have the ad rejected by NBC because it involved “political advocacy or issues.” At the same time, NBC rejected PETA’s new ad, not for “political advocacy or issues” but due to the sexual nature of the ad. PETA was advised if they cleaned up the ad, NBC would air it.

Not to be deterred, attempted to purchase ad time from CNN to run during the President’s first State of the Union Address this week. CNN has now also turned down’s money and refused to air the ad. A representative from CNN wrote: “Thank you for your patience. We have decided to pass on this creative. CNN doesn’t accept advocacy ads that portray personal decisions in a manner that suggests a position in favor of the advocacy message, without having permission of the persons involved.” I’m not even sure how to interpret that comment. The ad isn’t saying anything about Obama’s personal decisions or beliefs. The ad celebrates the potential of all human life, including President Obama’s.

In contrast, a NARAL ad from 2005 that suggested Supreme Court Nominee at the time, John Roberts, supported violence against abortion-clinics was accepted by CNN to run on their network. You can bet money that NARAL didn’t get the permission of John Roberts to suggest he was pro-violence. Despite the patent falsehoods in the ad, at the time CNN issued a statement saying: “CNN accepts advocacy advertising from responsible groups from across the political spectrum who wish to express their views and their opinions about issues of public importance.” The ad was eventually pulled off the air by NARAL themselves due to public pressure, not by CNN.

In my opinion, the networks are scared of the simplicity of the message. has found a beautiful way to reach out to the masses without making them uncomfortable, without mentioning the elephant in the room. I love this approach to speaking about Life, celebrating Life. They aren’t taking the easy route to get their ad on the air by going with stations they know would air it, but are going for the largest audience who isn’t already fighting for Life. I ask you to join with me in prayer for the determined souls at and for their continued success at spreading this beautifully positive message.

Life: Imagine the Potential.