Catholic Politicians Must Protect Life

Did you hear that Nancy Pelosi, U.S. House speaker and a Catholic, had a private meeting with Pope Benedict today? Read the AP report

“VATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Benedict XVI received Nancy Pelosi, one of the most prominent abortion rights politicians in America, and told her Wednesday that Catholic politicians have a duty to protect life “at all stages of its development.” ….
While I recognize that Ms. Pelosi’s mind will not be changed, even by the leader of her professed faith, the Pope’s message is there for all of us members of the Catholic Church. It reflects the importance of Life, in an age where Catholics in the public eye flaunt the hypocrisy between their actions and professed membership in our Faith. Most recently, Ms. Pelosi and others, such as Joe Biden and John Kerry, remind the public they are ardent, practicing Catholics when it is advantageous, but then speak against and publically misrepresent Church beliefs and precepts when it suits them. The Church has been quiet about this type of hypocrisy for far too long. The USCCB and many American Bishops have begun to publically fight back when “Catholic” politicians misstate Church position and doctrine. Their strong voice is long overdue. It is necessary for them to continually stand up for the Church, make their presence known, and lead the way for the priests and the faithful. American Catholics are starved for a strong consistent voice in addition to the Pope, representing issues American Catholics face day to day. We are assaulted daily by negative societal trends that suggest the church teachings are irrelevant and inapplicable today. It is refreshing and welcoming to witness the Pope reminding and warning all Catholics, through his discussion with Ms. Pelosi, of our dedication to protecting and respecting Life.
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